hello dreidel

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Hanukkah Stamp Set: Every child loves to stamp - and now they can stamp Chanukah symbols in all of their artwork. With 5 stamps and the included blue inkpad, these stamps are ready to use right away. Reusable plastic case keeps it clean and easy to store.

Sticker Book: Sticker Chanukah fun EVERYWHERE! Whether decoration sticker books, photo albums, gifts and all around the festive home, Rite Lite stickers books feature more than 300 stickers for tons of decorative fun!

Hanukkah Scratch Art: Chanukah fun for everyone! Entertain & educate kids of all ages (yes, adults too!), with these Chanukah themed, ready-to-hang scratch cards. Budding artists simply scratch along the preprinted outlines and a the bright, vibrant colors beneath will bring the project to life. Perfect for classes, groups and everyone who loves artistic projects!