Hanukkah Menorah Magna-Tiles Structure Set

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Start your family’s new holiday tradition with our Hanukkah Menorah Magna-Tiles Structure Set! The whole family will love building with this colorful Magna-Tiles Structures set flip over a tile each night to reveal a new Hanukkah candle. The numbered tile pieces can even be used to build your very own menorah. Our Hanukkah Menorah is designed to bring families together to create and celebrate! Hanukkah Menorah is compatible with all other Magna-Tiles Structures and original Magna-Tiles sets. This set contains 17 tiles. For ages: 3+ years.

About CreateOn: Proud makers of the Magna-Tiles® Structures, CreateOn take products and brands that everyone loves and reimagines them to create new experiences you’ll love even more. Their SuperColor® Technology helps create you cool and exciting creations.