The Grateful Dead Magna-Tiles Structures

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Put on your tie-dye and get on the bus with this awesome Grateful Dead Magna-Tiles Structure Set. CreateOn is trying to bridge that gap between older generations and new ones by making classics come alive.  It’s a win-win when generational gaps are brought together to enjoy some nostalgia and share memories through interactive play.

All The Details:
  • Made with Magna-Tiles® this set is compatible with all Magna-Tiles® Sets.
  • All our Magna-Tiles® Structures sets are kid-friendly for little hands.  They’re parent, teacher AND  STEM approved!
  • All pieces feature SuperColor® Technology on both sides for vibrant colors and a scratch-resistant coating.
  • This set contains 13 small squares, 1 hexagon and 1 chassis.
  • Ages 3 years and up.